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Furniture’s Office Chairs:

With the type of work structure office chair also transformed as per as requirements. Contemporary office furniture's have positively helped to create a better workplace. The companies/offices had added a little comfort at workplaces with the latest and modern type of chairs that are designed for office use.
Employees spend the majority of their time in office, most likely seated on a chair in front of the computer. There are many problems arising with the employees. These desk-based jobs and improper seating and working impedimenta further peeve many health issues like spinal cord pain, back pain, stiff shoulders.
Another fact which effects are the majority of Indian is of an average height. Therefore there should be proper sitting chairs to make them comfortable while working at a desk.

Here is Few office chair we recommended:

Office chairs aren't everyday furniture. They are specially designed for excellent comfort and posture. Some specific workplace chairs are available in the market. Let's check some of them here.

Conference Chair:

Conference chairs are also called the boardroom chair. These chairs are specially designed for meetings and best for relaxing position. These chairs do not need actual legwork, so they are not mobile and adjustable. In spite of that, few are designed with built-in wheels.

Ergonomic Chair:

An ergonomic chair is friendly for your back. The seat is ideal for those who suffer from back pain or spine pain. It gives maximum support to the back . It is adjustable with height, armrest, headrest and good for prolonged sitting. It helps to maintain the right posture of sitting.

Executive Chair:

Executive chairs have casters and wheels which rotate in all directions. They have a high backrest, and a padding on the armrest, and you can adjust the backrest according to your preference. These chairs are bit expensive and used by companies top executive.

Guest Chair:

These chairs are not mobile, flexible and adjustable. These chairs are for guest or visitors in the workplace. These chairs are made of plastic or wood and are in various colors.

Mesh Chair:

Mesh chairs are also like other office chairs. Mash chairs are lined with a net-like fabric that gives them good air circulation. It is very popular in the workplace as it gives ventilation, and it allows you to sit at your desk without feeling hot and sweaty.

Stacking Chair:

Stacking chairs come in many colors and design. It is an amazing space saver. These chairs are mostly used in office cafeterias, in crowded rooms, meeting rooms for extra attendees. They don’t have wheels but are mobile due to lightweight.

Slotted Angle racks:

Slotted angle racks are adjustable racks and the height of the shelves can be tailored as per the suitability and requirements. The slotted angle racks are made up of angle steel having slots which are punched with the help of die and have bolted adjustment for a flexible storage system. Our slotted angle racks are built from robust metal that provides stability and longevity to the product. These are corrosion resistant and come with a stable base. Our product is generally used in the super market, home, offices, warehouse, hospital.

Sofa Sets:

A couch is also known as Sofa set. It is a piece of furniture for seating of three or more people. In homes, Sofa sets are found in the living room. They are also found in non-residential settings such as hostels, lobbies of commercials offices, waiting rooms.

Sofa sets:

Sofa sets for living room come in many color, designs, sizes, shapes, and materials. You can opt for modern to traditional to Victorian sofa sets. You should make sure what you buy and that fits your living room, style, and decor.

Here are some useful design Sofa Sets

Sectional sofa sets:

These are very popular sofa sets for living rooms. They can easily turn a simple living room to elegant one. They are cozy and comfortable. Most of them are 3 or 5 pieces.

Wooden sofa sets:

these sofa sets are for the living room. They give formal look for your living space. The cushions are not attached to the frame, they are detachable. Wooden sofa sets have designed and carving on it.

Cane sofa sets:

These sofa sets are very sturdy. They can withstand extreme temperatures. They are popular for both indoor and outdoor.

Lawson-style sofa sets:

These Sofa sets are designed for comfort. They have boxy look and are soft. The back cushion is not fixed into the frame. It has a signature design element. You can buy it in many color and materials.

Chesterfield Sofa sets:

These Sofa sets are known for its quilted or tufted look. The arms are of same height. They have tightly tufted and rolled back arms. They create a style statement.

Camelback sofa sets:

These Sofa sets look better in the formal and traditional setting. It has tight back and shallows seating. It has a curvilinear shape. The back is higher in the center and descends towards arms.

Cabriolet Sofa sets:

These Sofa sets are known for their rounded look and exposed the wooden frame. The back and arms are of same height. They have wood trims and curved legs.

Loveseat Sofa sets:

This sofa set is collective term given to all sofa sets that are meant for two people. They come in two many styles and design.

Tuxedo style Sofa sets:

These have clean neat lines. The back and arms are of same height. The back is firm and the arms are straight or slightly flared.

English Club Sofa sets:

The main feature of English club sofa sets is low rolled back arm. The upholstery backing is tight and slightly rolled back. The seat cushions are tight but comfortable.

Modular Kitchen:

With time, houses are getting smaller-scarcity of space. Today challenges related space constraints make effective interior design. Thus Modular Kitchen comes to utilize your space.

Types of Modular Kitchen

  • L shaped kitchen.
  • Straight Layout kitchen.
  • U shaped.
  • Parallel layout.
  • Island layout.
  • G shaped.


Furniture's in the home interior is an essential part. Furniture makes a room or house ready for occupancy.

Different types of types of furniture:

Living room furniture:

The focal point of any home, your living room. There should be enough seating for your family and enough space around your living room to easily walk through. Besides Sofa sets here is few more option for you.
Sectional sleepers pull Accent chairs, Chasers, chair and hail table, side tables, coffee tables.

Dining room:

The room in your home where your family can enjoy a quality family time together. Beside dining table, you can add up few more furniture ideas.
Barstool, China Hutches, Sideboards, Console table

Bedroom furniture:

It is the restroom of your house and you can furnish it with your own style with proper furniture piece. You can add up these to your bedroom.
Nightstands, Dressers, Chests, Armoires, Benches